Why The Wall?

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Why the Wall?

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My name is David Dubay, I’m the pastor (Vicar) of Holy Trinity Church, Charleston SC.

Over the last few years, even before I arrived here at Holy Trinity I was hearing the talk.  “Did you see that giant wall?”   “What’s that wall all about?”   “Are they building a fort?”   “Are they trying to keep people out?” “What’s next?  A MOAT? And, of course, the Joshua jokes are non-stop hilarity…   🙂

The truth is,  if you’re driving past Holy Trinity on Folly Road you will notice the very heavy traffic at that intersection.  When the church was first built there was just farm traffic and the summer traffic to Folly Beach.  Now it’s the main drag and is heavily in use.  The traffic zooming by is the primary reason for the wall.

Soon we will have a new playground in front of our church and we want our children to be safe. We’ve noticed that if you run as fast as you can from the front door out toward the street…well…now you hit a wall. So we know that our children will be protected.  Plus (and you’ll notice this when you come to see us behind the wall) it drastically reduces the heavy traffic noise .  The people in the neighborhood behind us appreciate the drop in noise as well.

Our wall is a first step in the renovation and construction of a new and improved set of buildings. The buildings we have now were built in the 50’s and 60’s and haven’t known many structural upgrades.

Even though we have a lovely and rather large sanctuary, our current church building was originally supposed to be the fellowship hall.  Construction was stopped on the planned church building (way back in the 60s)   when it was decided that the cost of  sinking pylons in the soft earth would have been too expensive and over the years, well, we’ve just never gotten around to it.

Because, the fact is we’ve been busy! Yes even with the wall, the soft earth and the older buildings, Holy Trinity is full of life… Children are everywhere. We have a vibrant and powerful youth ministry. We have people  so dedicated to pastoral care that before I’ve gone out to see someone who’s ill or in need, they’ve usually had two visits from our pastoral care team already.  And more and more these days our pews are filling with new people and whole new families.  But of greater importance than any of that, the Gospel is being proclaimed and then being taken out into the world.

We at Holy Trinity believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. We also believe that He has a place and a purpose for your life and the lives of the people in your family.

If you do not yet have a church home, and you think that your life or your family’s life might be lacking something important; we have what you need:  A church family that loves the Lord.

Let us welcome you and pray with you and worship with you…

Our services are at 8:00 Am (that is our quiet traditional service) and then at 10:00 AM (That is our family service with music and children’s chapel during the sermon)

We also have Sunday school for all ages at 9 AM.

If you have any questions or comments type them in the box below and hit “submit”:

We look forward to meeting you. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.

BTW…check back soon to see the WHY THE WALL.com  video!


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